Top four ways surrogates use their compensation

plus more information on pay and benefits

Aug 19
Surrogates spend over a year of their lives carrying a child for another family, and they deserve fair compensation and benefits for everything they provide during that time. Compensation package amounts vary due to multiple factors like insurance costs, experience level, and in some cases, even geographic location. Carriers are compensated for the wear and tear of pregnancy on the body and the time and effort it takes to attend appointments for screening, cycling, and the pregnancy itself.

How do surrogates use their compensation?

  1. Education / student loans
  2. Downpayment for a home
  3. Family vacation
  4. Savings

How are surrogates compensated?

Alcea structures compensation with a base amount that begins once a pregnancy is confirmed, with equal payments for the duration of the time pregnant. In addition, small amounts in “extras” are paid out as various milestones occur, I.e. medication protocol starts, transfer of the embryo procedure, purchase maternity clothes, etc. A carrier also receives a monthly misc. amount to cover co-pays, gas and/or public transport, extra food, and other extras like prenatal vitamins. Alcea never asks for receipts and trusts their carriers to use this misc. allotment as they see fit. It typically begins the month following matching to account for keeping a carrier whole through the medical screening process.

Do surrogates have to pay any money?

Not at Alcea. If travel is needed for the surrogacy process, Alcea utilizes a ‘penniless’ process for our surrogates. We pre-pay for hotels, childcare, and per diem allowances, creating a stress-free travel experience. Only lost wages will require verification for reimbursement.

Are there other benefits?

Finally, Alcea goes above and beyond in offering carriers a wellness package that can be utilized for acupuncture, massage, chiropractic care, or monthly bump boxes at no charge to your intended parents. You will also be provided with a housekeeping allowance towards the end of pregnancy and the option for doula care. We believe in holistic management to minimize the long-term physical toll of pregnancy on the carrier’s body.

Learn more about surrogacy

If you can’t wait for the next blog, the Alcea website is filled with resources for you to better understand the commitment and benefits of becoming a surrogate. If you are interested in learning more, please click on one of the links below or click here to set up a time to speak with one of our team members.