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Throughout this entire process, Alcea has your back. You can count on Alcea for dedicated support, education and expertise during your surrogacy journey.
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Becoming a surrogate is a life-changing decision that can be extremely fulfilling but is not without its own set of unique challenges. Surrogacy requires you to commit to another family for a year or more as you undergo medical and psychological evaluations and procedures, pregnancy and labor related risks, and carry a baby that isn’t your own. However, surrogacy is a unique opportunity to give an incredible and selfless gift to another person or couple, provides you with life-changing financial benefits, and can create lasting, meaningful relationships between you and the family you helped create. The Alcea team includes experienced gestational carriers and your Alcea surrogate advocate will be your end-to-end partner, support and friend.



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Medical Screening & Legal Contracts


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Monitoring & Embryo Transfer


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Pregnancy & Post Partumg


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  1. Timeline: 2-4 weeks
  2. Fill Out Application
  3. Pre-screening Coordinator Consultation
  4. Evaluation and Background Checks
  5. You’ll work closely on each of these steps with your Alcea team – an experienced surrogate – until you are matched with intended parents, and into a successful pregnancy!
  1. Timeline: 1-3 weeks
  2. Medical Records Review
  3. Maternal Fetal Medicine consult
  4. Psychological evaluation
  5. Pre-match meeting
  6. It is through this in-depth screening process that we are able to find a perfect match for surrogates and intended families. Once your mental health, medical record, and insurance review are approved and complete, it is time to find your perfect intended parents.
  1. Timeline: 3-6 weeks
  2. IVF clinic pre-approval
  3. Profile exchange with intended parents
  4. Video call with intended parents
  5. It’s a match!
  6. When profiles align, we coordinate a video call and advocate for both parties until a decision to match is mutually made. Once you are ‘officially’ matched, we will coordinate the next ‘phase’ of screening and you and your IPs can get to know one and other in whatever way you both see fit.
Medical Screening & Legal Contracts
  1. Timeline: 1-2 months
  2. IVF clinic medical screening
  3. Finalizing legal contracts
  4. Your medical screening will be scheduled at an IVF clinic selected by your intended parents. If it is not local to you, please plan for an overnight stay. During the screening, you can expect to be evaluated by the IVF doctor in order for your medical protocol to be established. The clinic may also require an additional psychological evaluation.
Monitoring Appointments & Embryo Transfer
  1. Timeline: 3-4 weeks
  2. Begin medications & injections
  3. Attend local monitoring appointments
  4. Embryo transfer! (3-5 day trip)
  5. During this phase, you’ll begin your medications, and attend local monitoring appointments, which will be at a clinic near you for your convenience. You will travel to your intended parents’ IVF clinic for the embryo transfer. This trip typically lasts 3-5 days.

    Your Alcea team will pamper you with a fun transfer box, and support you throughout the entire process.

  1. Timeline: 9 months
  2. Pregnancy tests at a local clinic
  3. Routine appointments
  4. Genetic testing & anatomy scan
  5. Participate in pre-birth order process to establish parentage
  6. Delivery day!
  7. After the embryo transfer, you’ll return to your local monitoring clinic for blood tests.

    Once positive beta tests are established, you’ll undergo an ultrasound at around six to seven weeks for confirmation of heartbeat(s). This is a very exciting event because it means you are officially pregnant!

    You can expect to be released to your personal OBGYN around week 10-12 of your pregnancy. Before you know it, the delivery day will be here. Your Alcea surrogacy experience will be supportive, empowering, and we know you will be satisfied with your decision to choose Alcea.

In order to establish a biological connection to their child, intended parents may elect to use IVF. Through this process they can use their own eggs and/or sperm. Or they may also use an egg and/or sperm donor if desired. In IVF, the eggs are fertilized in an IVF facility outside of the surrogate’s body. When fertilized, the embryo (or embryos) is transferred to the surrogate body. Once it is approved that the carrier’s body is responding favorably, the doctor will approve medications to cease so the pregnancy can progress naturally.
You aren’t just a number. With so many years of experience as carriers, The Alcea team (especially your surrogate advocate) know the powerful joys this process can bring. We also know how it can feel when your agency doesn’t give you the support you need. Alcea is there every step of the way. With our $4,000 Commitment bonus, choice of intended parents, monthly care packages, third-trimester help at home, and client concierge, we don’t just need to tell you how much we care. We’ll show you.
No two journeys are the same; so there is no one size fits all approach to surrogacy. On average, our journeys can take anywhere from 20 to 24 months end to end. Alcea’s meticulous screenings, personalized matchings, and all-encompassing carrier care mean that we don’t rush, or pull any punches. We’ll take as long as needed. Scroll below to see an average timeline.
Surrogacy Journey Timeline