Surrogate Compensation

Alcea offers a highly competitive pay for its surrogates, our gestational carriers can receive compensation up to $90,000 (inclusive of miscellaneous fees).

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More Details About Alcea’s Surrogate Compensation

The experience of a lifetime

We know monetary compensation is only part of the reason you are looking into surrogacy. Successful surrogates understand the unbelievably important job they have and the sincere trust placed in them by their intended parents.
Surrogacy is a huge commitment both mentally and physically, and these burdens necessitate fair compensation. Many people realize their dreams of returning to school, staying home with their children, purchasing a home, paying off debt or launching their own business. Whatever your motivations are for exploring surrogacy, we’re glad you’re here and look forward to speaking with you more.
From the onset of your journey, you'll know Alcea has your back (and your best interests) in mind. Our benefits include pampering, pre-natal and postpartum support, housekeeping services, and third-trimester help at home. As previous surrogates and intended parents, we know how to make this journey special.
A comprehensive compensation package

Alcea’s compensation package is comprehensive, inclusive of travel, medical screening, embryo transfer, and maternity clothes! Costs for flights and hotels are paid upfront by Alcea, so no waiting for reimbursement!