Surrogacy is not a scandal

Aug 26

Surrogacy is not for everyone. Not everyone understands or ‘agrees’ with a person’s decision to pursue third-party reproduction and that is ok. Much like so many other things in life, the supportive response is the kindest one – you never know what someone is going through. Unless the arrangement is unsafe or unethical, simply refrain from providing unnecessary negative energy and offer support to those who need it most.

Understand the reality of surrogacy

Alcea is a staunch supporter of bodily autonomy and a vocal advocate for ETHICAL arrangements that involve robust screening of a carrier and are inclusive of mental, physical, and financial fitness assessment. A carrier must have an environment of support, should be able to follow a complex medical protocol, and be an advocate for herself when necessary. All Alcea carriers are provided separate, out-of-house legal counsel, and all monies are handled by an outside escrow firm and never intermingled with company accounts. They are provided with emotional support via a dedicated case manager and an optional social worker, an ability to curate a monthly support package set their own compensation, and are able to pick their perfect intended parents.

Intended parents must pass a criminal background check and demonstrate a financial understanding of potential unexpected costs, and the financial ability to handle them. It is never an agency’s responsibility to pass judgment on who ‘deserves’ a surrogate or of what kind of family any person or couple should have. We work with childless people, those with several children already, single parents, same-sex, and partnered people — our litmus is the capacity to love and care for a child, a desire to be mindful and respectful of the carrier, and to be honest, open, and reliable. Also, IPs must agree to ASRM standards and be using a reputable IVF clinic.

Offer support and empathy

If someone in your life is considering third-party reproduction; step away from social media and Lifetime movies and learn about ethically and legally created arrangements from people who have actual experience. Most all sensationalized stories started from a foundation in which necessary elements were sidestepped and should not be a factor in passing judgment on the beauty of third-party reproduction as a whole. Take the time to understand their unique situation and the incredible opportunities surrogacy and other third-party reproduction options offer families in need.

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