The Renaming Revolution

We are here for it.

What’s the Renaming Revolution?

The Renaming Revolution is a movement to reform the subtly sexist vocabulary women experience throughout fertility, pregnancy, and motherhood. Because, honestly, we’ve had enough.

Together, we’ll create a new glossary of terms that empowers women and reflects modern motherhood. Peanut has released a glossary of modernized terms as part of its Renaming Revolution to change the stigmatized discourse associated with fertility, pregnancy, and motherhood.

The glossary can be found on Peanut’s site and will be available as a reference for anyone to use when talking to women about their experiences, with the aim of creating a stigma-free future that empowers women.

Barren”? No more. Reproductive challenges is a much more appropriate way of describing someone who is facing fertility challenges and hasn’t had children yet.

Shy cervix”? Come on… this is a medical condition called Posterior Cervical Position where the cervix tilts back toward the spine.

Geriatric pregnancy”? We can barely even type this… 35+ pregnancy is a much more apt description of pregnancy at the age of 35 or older.

This terminology change is a win for potential parents and surrogates alike because we know that women over 35 make incredible gestational surrogates. The term “geriatric pregnancy” isn’t an accurate or respectful descriptor for anyone in the safe zone of 35-42. Especially as women are choosing to have children later in life, it’s imperative we focus on more respectful and appropriate terminology.

Since announcing the Renaming Revolution in March, Peanut asked their community to share the outdated and hurtful terms that they have experienced first-hand to create a new glossary of updated terms.

The glossary was created with expert panelists including Amanda Montell, celebrated author, and language scholar; Dr. Viviana Coles, Doctor of Marriage and Family Therapy at Houston Relationship Therapy; Dr. Jessica Zucker, psychologist and author specializing in reproductive and maternal mental health; and Dr. Somi Javaid, OB/GYN doctor, surgeon, and Founder of HerMD.

We are here for it!!