Signs You Might be a Good Candidate for Surrogacy

Why did you want to become a surrogate?

It’s a question many surrogates find themselves being asked. We all want to know what attracted them to the process. We wonder what went through their minds when they first arranged a consult. What told them that this was the path they should take? And for some of us, we wonder if there’s something in their stories that might be reflected in our own.

“A few years ago, I became pregnant with my now 4-year-old son. It was such an incredible experience from beginning to end. The feeling of a little person growing inside of me brought me so much joy. I have never felt more beautiful and in touch with my own body before. Pregnancy just really agrees with me. After having no complications and giving birth successfully I knew that I could use this to help build families. I was done having my own children, and I remember asking myself why not carry a child for someone that is not able to themselves? I found that my lack of complications during pregnancy was a gift that I wanted to share. I also had the advantage of working at an ob-gyn office for almost 5 years. Because of my experiences, I knew the ins and outs of pregnancy from beginning to end. That helped me immensely. I guess knowing I could trust my body and my knowledge is what made me think I would be a great surrogate. Along this journey, I have built relationships with my intended parents and I’ve been lucky to know that they are now family. And now, I cannot wait to start my second journey and provide the missing piece of the puzzle to their family. I’ve realized this is what I want to do.”

— Bree

“Surrogacy was always something I wanted to do after I completed my own family. I absolutely loved being pregnant. I had four uncomplicated pregnancies and births and knew I wanted to do it again for a family in need. I was still fairly young and very healthy. I loved to work out, especially during pregnancy. There wasn’t any reason that I shouldn’t be able to go through a pregnancy for another family. I felt that I also had the right mindset to be a surrogate. I knew the baby that I would be carrying wasn’t mine and I wouldn’t have the attachment to the baby that I had for my own children. Understanding my role during the process really helped to show me that I could be a great candidate. Surrogacy was always on my mind and my heart, and I just knew it was something I had to pursue!”

— Christina

The truth is, there is no one thing that lets you know that you are a good candidate for surrogacy. Perhaps it has to do with your knowledge. Perhaps it has to do with your past experience. All of our amazing surrogates have brought something wonderful and unique to the table every time. However, there are some qualities that might make you an excellent candidate. Here are six signs that you might be a good candidate for surrogacy!