Pass the Mic featuring Voices of Black Women

A Personal Stories Series

Hear their voices

We have asked five Black women to open their hearts and histories and share their stories about infertility, surrogacy, and egg donation in our Pass the Mic blog series (#passthemic). In doing so, we aim to spotlight the struggles of infertility and inequality of patient care for Black women in the United States and help fight the silence around these issues in the Black community.

“…as a society, we’ve become more open about infertility — with celebs like Chrissy Teigen, Nicole Kidman and Emma Thompson opening up about their struggles — in the Black community, even with Tyra Banks, Michelle Obama and Gabrielle Union sharing their struggles, it’s been largely a silent issue,” says Danielle Braff in her Chicago Tribune article, Here’s why many Black women are silent about their struggle with infertility. And studies suggest that Black women are twice as likely to struggle with infertility but are significantly less likely to seek treatment (15% of white women compared with 8% of Black women).

So join us (here and on IG @alcea_surrogacy) over the next few weeks as we share the joyful, tragic, and deeply personal stories of five incredible Black women. You will hear from an egg donor, a gestational carrier, a woman childless, but not by choice, and two women who became mothers by egg donation and surrogacy. Watch as we pass the mic, and please pass their stories on if you wish to share. Together, we can amplify these voices, vocalize and normalize infertility journeys in all communities and help bring people together.

At Alcea, our mission is to “Act ethically, consciously promote inclusivity and diversity, be empathetic in all decisions, and serve our clients, affiliates, surrogates, and donors in the most efficient and transparent means imaginable.” We honor and accept families of all kinds and consciously focus on building the most diverse pool of surrogates and egg donors in the industry. We also partner with key nonprofits like Fertility for Colored Girls to help broadcast their mission and support their incredibly important work.