Our Commitment to Diversity

A better way to build families

Diversity & inclusion in 2020

2020 was a banner year for organizations to make big pronouncements about their commitment to diversity and their support of the Black Lives Matter movement. We have heard from companies of all sizes about what inclusion means to their leaders, employees, and HR teams. Whether these corporate announcements and changes from within promote sweeping cultural progress remains to be seen. But at the very least, the conversation is at the forefront of the current zeitgeist.

Building something better

For the team at Alcea, diversity and inclusion is not a knee-jerk reaction to recent cultural movements or public pressure – it is the absolute foundation for our founder’s mission and vision. Angela Richardson-Mook founded Alcea Surrogacy to serve intended parents of all races and orientations, connect and match them with surrogates and egg donors from a variety of backgrounds, and partner with passionate experts in their fields.

For 15 years Angela has worked within the industry as a gestational carrier for a same-sex couple and two heterosexual couples and is a 2x egg donor and mother via IVF. She also successfully paving the way for same-sex surrogacy pre-birth order legislation in North Carolina. During all this, she has experienced first-hand the astonishing lack of diversity in the surrogacy and egg donation community, rampant at many of the larger agencies. So her commitment to diversity and inclusion comes from a place of hope and determination to make surrogacy accessible for everyone who wants it.

“Act ethically, consciously promote inclusivity and diversity, be empathetic in all decisions, and serve our clients, affiliates, surrogates, and donors in the most efficient and transparent means imaginable.”
— Alcea Surrogacy Mission Statement

Our commitment

Infertility does not discriminate – it can affect people of all ethnicities and social status, and it can be a harrowing process for everyone involved. And LGBTQIA+ intended parents have frequently suffered discrimination in many aspects of their lives, and this is unfortunately especially common when trying to build their families. Alcea is committed to relieving the pain of these experiences and guiding all types of intended parents on their journey to parenthood.

Why is this so important? With a topic as personal, sensitive, and nuanced as infertility, compassion is one of the greatest gifts that intended parents can receive. Our intention is for everyone who comes into contact with Angela or an Alcea staff member or partner can feel their warmth, love, and understanding, not to mention their complete devotion to clients. And all of this starts with an unwavering commitment to serve our community in the most inclusive ways we can.