My Belly Buddy’s Birth Story and Post Birth Experience

By: Christina

I had the most amazing pregnancy. Each week seemed to fly by, followed by the months. The countdown was approaching, and I made sure to savor every moment, each kick, punch and roll. I knew my journey would come to an end and I couldn’t wait for my sweet belly buddy to join her family with her incredible parents.

At 38 weeks, I relocated to the city where I would remain until I went into labor to ensure I made it to the hospital so her parents wouldn’t miss her birth. At my 39-week appointment the doctor said I was ready to give birth and we agreed that a few days prior to my due date I would be admitted into the hospital to have my water broken and go into labor.

I tried hard to get myself into labor the days prior, but my belly buddy was very comfortable inside of me! But eventuallu, that morning came along and off to the labor room we went! I was admitted and was assigned a beautiful labor and delivery room. It was one where I was able to set it up the way I wanted. I had candles, music and positive affirmations surrounding me all of which helped me to create  a very peaceful atmosphere filled with positive energy. My husband and intended parents were incredibly loving and supportive and I couldn’t have asked for more.

At 10:45am my water was broken. The following hours I had a few contractions but nothing significant. So, a few hours later I asked for a breast pump to see if using one would help get me into labor. Well, it surely did! Only a few minutes into pumping I started to have strong contractions and that’s all it took! As a bonus, I made my first half ounce of colostrum for my belly buddy to have after birth! An hour later I was in a good labor pattern and shortly after I started to feel a lot of pressure and knew I was in transition. I was 6cm. The doctor said baby should arrive by the evening. An hour after that and I had intense pressure and could feel that I was bearing down. I spent a lot of time squatting in the bathroom holding onto the shower bar handles that were in there because it felt so good and natural. Or I would lean into my husband’s shoulder and sway my hips. I told my nurse that I felt like I had to push. The doctor came in and conformed that baby was ready to be born!

I couldn’t believe how fast my labor went once I asked for the pump! I laid in the bed and pushed my heart out. I was quiet, focused and in my zone. It only took a few pushes and my sweet belly buddy joined us earth side and I couldn’t take my eyes off her parents as they first met their baby girl. The moment was so surreal and everything I had hoped for and dreamed of but a million times better! The instant love they had for their daughter was abundant and my heart just melted. They both did skin to skin for hours and my heart felt so full. Her parents were naturals and seeing them with their daughter was a dream of mine come true. I helped complete this amazing family and I was so proud of my body for growing this incredible child. This sweet baby I grew was pure perfection!

Immediately post-partum my mind and body seemed to easily adapt to the 4th trimester. Hormones kicked in and while there were moments of feeling the normal and expected post birth sadness of the journey being over and the feeling the emptiness I felt inside where my belly buddy used to be, I still feel I had a fairly quick adjustment. Pumping for my little belly buddy makes me feel good that I can still provide some nourishment for her growing body. 

I’ll always remember my belly buddy’s birth day. I’m eternally grateful for this experience and will always have such love for her entire family and the incredible journey we embarked on together.