Meet the Modern Matchmakers of Third Party Fertility

Join Allkind Inc. is set out to make a positive impact in reproductive health and wellness.

Allkind is joining forces with Alcea to improve the ethical practices and standard of care available in third party fertility. With an aligned, collaborative effort we are establishing a network dedicated to improving the quality of care, and options available to form personalized matches between aspiring parents, to donors and surrogates. In working together the female founded companies are improving the support and guidance for each unique journey.

The founders of Allkind, Raika Djalali and Tiffany Lewis, recognized a disconnect in the fertility field. Across the country there are clinics and agencies, such as the team at Alcea, who have led a change to a more transparent and collaborative trend. There are a growing number of people who are incredible at providing compassionate care and solutions to those on their family building journey. It is essential agencies and clinics are able to dedicate themselves to supporting aspiring parents on this extremely personal journey of creating a family.

Before creating Allkind Tiffany and Raika worked together at a fertility center in Southern California. At this time Tiffany was the Executive Marketing Director, and Raika was the Director of Client Relations and Third Party Services. They both recognized current limitations of a fragmented fertility industry in need of improving transparency and an imbalance of value placed on profits over people.

While employed by the fertility center they collaborated and presented new people-focused programs with an emphasis on compassion that best serves each personal family building and participant journey.

Lacking a voice, and the ability to implement change in their current environment, they made the decision to leave their jobs at the fertility center. They devoted themselves to pursuing their purpose by creating Join Allkind, Inc. As founders they are devoted to creating a positive impact in the reproductive healthcare system.

Allkind is committed to increasing awareness and access to resources that improve fertility care, preservation, and wellness. The founders are passionate about ensuring all people have a voice and opportunities to support collective growth and progress.

Collaboration is necessary to create change and improve the fertility field.

Raika Djalali

Founder, CEO