Meet Michelle Misler:

Michelle Misler is a brilliant Washington and Maryland Bar certified Attorney who specializes in 3rd-party fertility. Read about her decision to open up her own firm that specializes in Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) law in this Alcea Surrogacy Blog series!

My name is Michelle Misler and I feel lucky to have started my own law firm as a family building attorney. When I graduated from law school, opening my own law firm was not necessarily my career goal. However, I am now thankful to have the opportunity to be my own boss, grow something from the ground up, and continue to play a part in building families.

My connection to the fertility field started at a young age. My father is a (mostly retired) reproductive endocrinologist, so as I was growing up fertility, was often the topic of conversation (which I know is not common in most families)! While proud of the work my father did, I did not want to be a doctor and I never saw it as part of my future. Instead, I went to law school where I concentrated on healthcare law and, after a brief clerkship, went on to work in hospital systems for four years. I was perfectly content in my career, but when the opportunity presented itself to enter the Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) law world, I knew it was one I could not pass up.

I spent the next 9 years working at a surrogacy agency where I took on the role of an attorney as well as a case manager. This was a wonderful opportunity for me to learn about the complex world of third-party reproduction. I loved being part of an interdisciplinary team and seeing how the different players in the field worked together to help the clients succeed. Although the journey may have been complicated, the ultimate goal was the same – to grow a family.

During that same time, I had some difficulty building my own family. That personal experience allowed me to have a greater understanding of the emotional process that comes with fertility treatment and the ability to empathize with my clients and provide them with both legal and emotional support.

It was mid-2021. I was approaching 9 years of working at a surrogacy agency when I realized I was ready to grow professionally again and take the next step in my career. Later that year, I opened my law firm specializing in ART law. Working at a surrogacy agency gave me the opportunity to see the surrogacy process from beginning to end and the ability to now advise clients from more than just the legal perspective.

The path to parenthood can be difficult. What I love most about my career as a family building attorney is that I can give my clients the confidence and legal foundation they need to succeed. I am lucky to be in this rewarding field helping to make a profound and positive impact on people’s lives. I know it’s had a similar impact on my own.

– Michelle Misler