Match Update: October 2021

Congratulations to our latest matches!

They just fit

L is a fun and educated midwest single mom with an eye for detail and the capacity to be deeply empathetic. A & A are a young, progressive NYC couple, one a teacher, the other a doctor.

This match was one that felt “right” from the onset, as all parties exude empathy and radiant kindness. They are all open and honest, with compatible ideologies and both IPs and the carrier happen to have some really awesome tattoos.

We cannot wait to watch this amazing match grow into a beautiful relationship!

Alcea brag: Compatible matching is frequently heard as one of the things that make us decidedly different!

New York strikes again

But that’s not all! Congratulations to another NYC duo! An amazing nurse and her photographer husband are matched with a single mom who gets to travel to beautiful and amazing places all over the world. GC, I, has a fun and creative spouse who giggled just as much as K and I on the match call.

The Alcea team joked that we would wait about five minutes after the call ended to hear from both parties that all wanted to move forward, and sure enough, that’s exactly what happened! This team is ready and the IM was excited to be matched pretty quickly, but this match was just too good to pass up on, Best of luck to this kind pair, we can’t wait to see this relationship flourish and grow into a beautiful partnership.

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