Match Update: June 2021

Congratulations to I, M & B

Woohoo! Match meetings are always exciting. Sometimes the meeting ends with everyone knowing that the connection was just not there. Then we have meetings like the one that solidified the match we celebrate today. A conversation that runs two hours, and one in which we as facilitators do very little talking and a lot of watching as a beautiful friendship begins.

”I” is a medical professional with aspirations of becoming a registered nurse. She is kind and friendly, and is the only carrier we have had to include a pregnancy belly dancing video in her gestational carrier profile! Her husband is equally engaged, an amazing support system, and is excited to be a small part of the experience.

The IPs, “M” and “B” are diligent and prepared, the type of couple who covers all bases and asks articulate and necessary questions. While they have one child, their path to family expansion has been filled with heartache, and they instantly connected with “I.”

Alcea gets a lot of questions about the relationship between IPs and their surrogate before, during, and even after pregnancy. Everyone comes to surrogacy seeking out different levels of communication and connection. Some IPs and carriers are looking for an extension of their families, and are open to a long-term relationship, (open to, not expecting being the key phrase) while others prefer more of an arms-length transaction. Your agency is responsible for ensuring your expectations are met and should ask all parties about their preferences before introduction to potential matches.

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