Let’s Talk About Escrow & Surrogacy

An infants hand reaches for a set of coins- while a larger hand pulls it away. Floating text says "Escrow and Surrogacy"

In the wake of recent news in our surrogacy community regarding the unfortunate circumstance of an escrow provider who has stopped releasing payments for an extended time period, we want to reinforce our commitment to protect intended parents and gestational carriers throughout their surrogacy journey. Financial security throughout your surrogacy journey is crucial.

The purpose of an escrow account is to ensure the safe management and disbursement of funds in accordance with your surrogacy agreement and an escrow management company should foster peace of mind. Our transparency, reliability and trust is not only what makes Alcea decidedly different, but is what we require of our partners. We are sensitive to the financial circumstances of our clients and understand that disruptions, delays, and financial losses due to faulty escrow services can leave intended parents and surrogates feeling uneasy and insecure.

Alcea’s Stance on Finances, Escrow & Surrogacy:

  • Alcea provides a comprehensive cost & fee guide for all clients that includes all-in expenses on their surrogacy journey which allows for careful planning for financial decisions.
  • Alcea does not use or recommend an in-house escrow management company for any surrogacy journeys.
  • Alcea recommends escrow be held by a neutral third-party (not by the counsel of the intended parent nor the gestational carrier).*
  • We offer various options of trusted and reliable third-party escrow management companies for clients to choose from if they seek suggestions.
  • All escrow considerations must be bonded and insured.


*For New York State, the Department of Health requires staff licensing.

Protect your peace of mind throughout your surrogacy journey

We recommend that our clients work with escrow companies that have a team of qualified and experienced professionals who minimize financial risk and deem escrow failure as unacceptable. Transparency with a defined structure and clear process for client money management is required by Alcea. A trusted third-party escrow company will be bonded, insured, avoid conflict of interest and prevent any mismanagement of funds. Additionally, regular audits by qualified professionals should be conducted to add another layer of security to the process.

Your Dedicated Partner

At Alcea Surrogacy, we are dedicated to your well-being throughout your surrogacy journey, which includes making sure you are financially secure. We offer trusted and reliable resources to help you make informed decisions and feel confident in the escrow management choice for your surrogacy journey.

Are you ready to start a journey or qualify as a surrogate? Contact Alcea Surrogacy today. We put family-building first.