Let’s talk about the surrogacy journey timeline!

A good journey timeline is like a cheat sheet for your journey!

Hello Alcea-Fam!

We’re off to a new year, and what better time to talk about surrogacy journey timelines!

Whether an intended parent or a potential gestational carrier, one of the first things you should ask when researching surrogacy agencies is, “How long is your surrogate match time?” The answer to this question will help determine when your journey can officially kick off and how much longer you’ll have to wait before the intended parents can bring home their baby.

The surrogacy agency that you’ve chosen should be able to provide a copy of their surrogacy journey timeline. This guide is one of the most important tools in your journey and will help identify key milestones and when they’re expected to occur, so be sure to save it, familiarize yourself with it, and ask questions! While the surrogacy journey timeline can vary by agency, Alcea is kicking off 2024 with an average surrogate match wait time of 3-5 months.

After agency contracts are signed and surrogates are matched with intended parents, all parties discuss terms and sign an agreement. This document will provide everything required of the intended parents, the surrogate, and the agency. Payment schedules will be discussed during this step as well.

As a surrogate, you’ll want to be familiar with all important aspects of your journey; the screening process, the start of medications, the embryo transfer, etc. The timing of each of these individual milestones will be driven by many factors; whether they be the IVF clinics, or agency approvals.

As an intended parent, you’ll want to make a note of key markers, including surrogate screening/approval, agency fees, legal clearance, escrow funding, and any direct payments required by the IVF clinic for screening.

A major difference between milestones for intended parent(s) and gestational carriers are the various costs associated with each journey milestone. It is important to learn both when monies are due, and how they should be deposited.

The financial aspects of gestational surrogacy can certainly seem insurmountably complex, but different systems exist to ensure clarity and ease. Third-party managed escrow accounts are an essential part of the process; as they hold funds that will be dispersed alongside necessary milestones. Intended parent(s) fill their Escrow account in stages; and upon its funding comes segmented dispersals!

There are many moving parts to a surrogacy journey, so it may feel overwhelming at times. Alcea is here to help you keep track, make the process as seamless as possible, and support you along the way.