The Changing Landscape of Surrogacy in Idaho

By: Friday Faraday Art by Leigh Archibald What would The Gestational Agreements Act in Idaho do? At the beginning of this month, a bill was signed to give more structure and oversight to gestational surrogacy in the state of Idaho. House bill 264 or the Gestational Agreements Act was co sponsored by Brooke Green (Democrat) […]

A Gift of Hope for Intended Parents

Let’s talk about our intended parent advocate! We’d like to introduce you to Mira, Alcea’s Intended Parent Advocate! Mira understands what our clients have been through because she’s been through it too. After years of trying to conceive, Mira had an unexpected turn of events that led to a successful surrogacy journey with two babies […]

It’s Women’s History Month

So let’s celebrate! March is Women’s History Month! Who knows what reproductive medicine would look like if it weren’t for women? Women have been the force behind the advancement in reproductive medicine as researchers, scientists, physicians, business owners, surrogates and more in the fertility industry. It took 6 years from 1988 to 1994 for Congress […]

The Joy of Becoming a Surrogate

“A 1-on-1 carrier interview!” Being a surrogate takes bravery, courage and sacrifice, we’d like to share a 1-on-1 interview with a gestational surrogate as she shares why she became a surrogate and what it was like. What brought you to surrogacy? How did you hear about surrogacy? I first thought about surrogacy when I saw […]

Things to know before starting a surrogacy journey

It may seem intimidating, but with so many resources, you just need to know where to start! What is surrogacy? In a surrogacy arrangement, the woman acting as the surrogate will carry a baby for another person or couple, referred to as Intended Parents. There are two types of surrogacy arrangements, the first and most […]

Let’s talk about the surrogacy journey timeline!

A good journey timeline is like a cheat sheet for your journey! Hello Alcea-Fam! We’re off to a new year, and what better time to talk about surrogacy journey timelines! Whether an intended parent or a potential gestational carrier, one of the first things you should ask when researching surrogacy agencies is, “How long is […]

The Complexity of Surrogacy and Taxes

By: Friday Faraday Surrogacy as a whole is still pretty young, it was in 1985 when the first successful gestational surrogate was documented in the United States, and with that youth, federal laws are still in catch up mode when it comes to surrogacy. Most laws surrounding surrogacy are up to the individual states to […]

What Can a Post-birth Surrogacy Relationship Look Like?

By: Friday Faraday The journey of gestational surrogacy is life changing for both the intended parent(s) and the surrogate. From the medical to the physical and emotional sides and everything in between, there is going to be changes and it is going to have an absolute presence within the process. Even with that in the […]

Surrogacy for Transgender Parents

On Identity and Parenthood By: Friday Faraday There is nothing more natural than wanting to start a family, to build something with love and kindness, but this desire is not limited to cisgender families. The same importance toward building a family can be found within the LGBTQIA2S+ community. There is a certain shared experience of […]