Big News! We’re on Mom Brainx

Listen to Angela Richardson-Mook tell her story of being a surrogate, egg donor and parent via IVF as well as what brought her to found Alcea on the Mom Brain podcast.

Telling our story

A few weeks ago, Angela, our founder, did a thing… and we are so excited to finally get to tell you all about it. She was featured as a guest on the hit podcast Mom Brain, co-hosted by Hilaria Baldwin and Daphne Oz, and they spent an hour talking about all things surrogacy as well as Angela’s own journey as a mom and surrogate.
Angela shares how she came to surrogacy, the struggles she has faced and now how she helps parents-to-be through Alcea, answering all of Hilaria and Daphne’s questions along the way.

Angela was honored and thrilled to be on Mom Brain, “The enormous privilege of being afforded a platform to discuss alternative family building, humbles me beyond belief. Like pregnancy loss; infertility is frequent, devastating, and a taboo topic despite it commonality. It is imperative we take steps to normalize surrogacy, egg donation, and all the other ways families come to be. Everyone who has the desire to be a parent, should have the resources to understand all the ways that can happen for them, in spite of the challenges of infertility.”

Listen to the episode and hit us up on IG to let us know what you think!