Let’s Talk About Escrow & Surrogacy

An infants hand reaches for a set of coins- while a larger hand pulls it away. Floating text says "Escrow and Surrogacy"

In the wake of recent news in our surrogacy community regarding the unfortunate circumstance of an escrow provider who has stopped releasing payments for an extended time period, we want to reinforce our commitment to protect intended parents and gestational carriers throughout their surrogacy journey. Financial security throughout your surrogacy journey is crucial. The purpose […]

July 2024 Events

This July is looking to have plenty of events for intended parents and carriers alike! Click each image to register. Pregnancy and Postpartum Support Group- (No Registration Required) 7/10 @ 10-11:30am EDT; Scarsdale Public Library, 54 Olmsted Road, Scarsdale, NY 10583The Scarsdale Public Library invites you to join us for this free, ongoing, face-to-face support […]

Surrogacy & The Path to Legal Parentage in New York

Surrogacy offers hope for those who may otherwise be unable to have a child, and on February 15, 2021, New York joined many other states in the nation that offer compensated gestational surrogacy as a legal option for their residents. While surrogacy includes a legal agreement between parties, it is still “a very human experience” […]

Artificial Intelligence (AI): Transforming IVF & Embryo Selection

Transforming IVF & Embryo Selection While Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming commonly used in our day to day lives, it is also revolutionizing the field of assisted reproduction. AI technology is set to impact IVF cycles in new and exciting ways. We can expect changes in how healthy embryos are chosen for transfer in IVF […]

June 2024 Events

Alcea June 2024 Events

Check out this months events! Click each image to register. Adoption, Foster Care, Surrogacy, Embryo Adoption Conference June 2024 6/2 @ 8-5pm EST; St. John’s University, Queens Campus, 8000 Utopia Pkwy Jamaica, NY APC’s Annual Conference serves to promote accurate information concerning Adoption, Foster Care, Surrogacy, and Embryo Adoption What to Expect During IVF 6/6 […]

Navigating Weight Management for Surrogacy: Weight Loss Drugs, Health, and Safe Practices

A woman runs, her silhouette states= phrases related to health, weight loss, and surrogacy

Becoming a surrogate is an amazing sacrifice to help others expand a family. While the screening process can be rigorous, becoming a surrogate all starts with the initial application! The application screens for surrogate requirements including emotional, mental, and physical fitness for what lies ahead. While weight and body mass index (BMI) are critical parts […]

What No One Will Tell You About Surrogacy Insurance!

What No One Will Tell You About Surrogacy Insurance! Let’s talk about surrogacy insurance! We know that the mere thought of insurance coverage for your surrogate and newborn can be overwhelming. Here we’ll cover information about surrogacy insurance options, what’s contractually obligated versus optional, costs and even the things that nobody seems to put in […]