A Letter to Alcea Vol. II

By: Christina

The desire to become a surrogate was always in my heart. Even as a child and adolescent I dreamed of having a large family consisting of four children and wanted to help another family in need create their own family. I have always loved pregnancy and birth and was even able to make a career out of my passion for these incredible experiences.

Prior to early 2021 living in New York, compensated surrogacy wasn’t legal. There were no laws protecting surrogates or intended parents, and I didn’t know anyone in my personal life who was looking for a surrogate. Ultimately, there was no way for me to even attempt to go the altruistic route if I was ready to at the time.

While I was eager to begin the process, I wanted to wait until my youngest child was more self-sufficient before allowing myself to even look into my options of surrogacy. As time passed, I still dreamt of being able to be a part of such a wonderful opportunity; however, I stayed focused on my own family in the meantime. It wasn’t until the fall of 2020, when I was ready to be serious about looking into surrogacy, that I joined a Facebook group. Once joining, I was shocked to see that New York was passing the CPSA that following February! I felt like the stars were aligned and my dream of becoming a surrogate could finally come true!

That is when I first met Angela, and from the moment we first spoke just a day later, my life was never again the same. I had no idea I just met someone who would truly change my life in unspeakable ways. This woman was intelligent, and down-to-earth, and I found that we connected. We had a list of things in common, both of us having had four children, a background in the nursing profession, and of course surrogacy in our hearts. Angela offered her time to speak to me on the phone, answered my questions with eagerness and kindness, and made the time to also speak to my husband via Zoom that same evening. As someone who was a surrogate several times herself, she quickly eased his fears. She understood that it was a scary concept for him to think about. He would have to be okay with his wife going into a pregnancy for another family. He worried about my health and safety above all, and Angela took the time to ease his concerns and answer any other questions we might have.

I immediately asked for an application and had it all filled it out in a matter of days. That’s when Christy entered my life and I couldn’t believe there was another person working for Alcea who was just as amazing as Angela! Christy was always there for me anytime I had a question or an issue, and she was so prompt in responding. We immediately got the ball rolling, and the goal was to have everything in place and ready to go so that once the law passed, we could continue on without issue. After everything was set, I was able to meet my amazing intended parents and as soon as we got the green light and legislation was passed, we finished up all the necessities, I had my transfer, and was soon expecting nine months later!

I had no clue at the time that I would be one of the very first New York surrogates to have a transfer (in a New York clinic) and to be expecting one of the very first New York surrogacy babies, for a New York family! The entire process was so quick and flawless, and I was impressed with how the entire Alcea staff kept the ball rolling the entire time to ensure a smooth sailing process for all involved.

Over the course of my pregnancy, Angela and Christy were always by my side, constantly checking in on me and truly befriending me. As the process unfolded, in the back of my mind, I wondered if the Alcea agency would have a job opening for me at some point. I wanted to work for this amazing agency, with incredible down-to-earth co-workers and kind intended parents. I knew that when the time was right, I’d find the perfect post-baby raising job but I never imagined I’d fall into the job of my dreams (that I never even knew existed)!

I started working for Alcea in January of 2022, just months away from delivering my bellybuddy and it has made my surrogacy journey even more amazing. I now have an extended family who truly cares about me, about all our surrogates and intended parents, and all of the things I find most important in my life. A truly honest, upscale agency, that is inclusive, supports families of all kinds and finds ways to support families in need of assistance to help bring a baby into this world.

Angela, Christy, Madison, Bree, Rose, and Leigh all with whom I have the most interaction with nearly on a daily basis make me laugh, lift me up, and encourage me in ways I never imagined. I have been so lucky and truly blessed to find this agency, be one of their earlier carriers, and be a valued employee and friend. I’ll always be grateful for the opportunities that have come my way, and I’ll always consider the entire Alcea team to be my family.