7 Reasons to Become a Surrogate

by Christy Leonardo

Surrogacy takes an enormous amount of self-sacrifice, time, physical and mental effort… after all, a surrogate goes through intense screening, medical procedures, and nine months of being pregnant with someone else’s child(ren)! With so much involved, why do women choose to become surrogates? Why should YOU consider becoming a surrogate?

Be a part of something bigger

It is no secret there have been monumental advancements in reproductive health. As time goes on we continue to see more evolutions. A successful path to parenthood would not be possible for many without these critical scientific developments. Surrogacy itself is a progressive solution to a global public health concern.


There is no greater act of kindness than that of selfless giving. Helping another person grow a family, which they could not otherwise do themselves, is a great service and a true testament to altruism. Surrogacy is a benevolent gift of immeasurable proportions.

The missing link

When prospective parents make the enormous decision to move from infertility to surrogacy, they do not do so lightly. Many have spent countless years attempting to conceive on their own and have exhausted all other avenues and resources. Often times, surrogacy is a last resort. LGBTQIA+ require advanced reproductive technologies and often the existence of a third party in order to procreate. You could potentially be the last piece in completing the puzzle.


Intended parents often express the debt of gratitude they feel towards surrogates as priceless. Carrying a child for another family is making an investment in someone else’s future. In return, you are compensated monetarily. This can be a benefit that helps you meet a goal or improve your family’s lifestyle. It is unlikely to find a surrogate who pursued this path distinctly for financial gain though. The main purpose most surrogates have is to help grow a family, and the yield can be both a gratifying and economic reward.

Learn and grow

Surrogacy is a generous and mindful experience. Pregnancy and birth are the ultimate objective, but throughout the process, you will gain a deeper understanding of yourself and everyone involved. Because carriers have successful pregnancies prior to becoming a surrogate, most do not know the trials and tribulations of infertility, third-party reproduction, and IVF. This knowledge is acquired by personally being a part of the process — a full circle of insight.

Spark change

The misunderstandings of how surrogacy works are pretty universal. Ask any carrier and they will, no doubt, have at least a few stories to share. From how a child is conceived, to who gets to keep the baby after birth, there is no shortage of bizarre and stigmatized inquiries. Being a voice and advocating for positive conversations surrounding third-party reproduction, is one of the greatest forms of education and activism. The more people learn about surrogacy, the more standard it will become.

Timeless connections

Humans thrive on community. We are driven by our shared passions and interests. The surrogacy community is no different. Throughout this process, many find themselves creating unexpected and long-lasting connections. Whether it is with another carrier, agency staff member, or an intended parent, surrogacy is an auspicious experience that unites the collective endlessly. At Alcea, the connections we make with our surrogates, donors, and intended parents are our most precious gift.

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