The Changing Landscape of Surrogacy in Idaho

By: Friday Faraday Art by Leigh Archibald What would The Gestational Agreements Act in Idaho do? At the beginning of this month, a bill was signed to give more structure and oversight to gestational surrogacy in the state of Idaho. House bill 264 or the Gestational Agreements Act was co sponsored by Brooke Green (Democrat) […]

What Sets Celebrity Surrogacy Apart?

By: Friday Faraday Gestational Surrogacy is a unique experience for both the surrogate and the intended parents, and there are a number of situations that can bring a person to the decision to explore surrogacy. Infertility is a well known reason for why intended parents chose this option to start or grow their family, the […]

Ways To Fund Your Surrogacy Journey

What are some ways you can fund your surrogacy journey? We can all agree that a lot can be spent on a surrogacy journey whether it be time, patience, emotions and of course money. A major part of deciding whether to move forward with a surrogacy journey is cost and whether it fits in your […]

Things To Know About Being A Surrogate in New York!

If your or someone you know is interested in becoming a surrogate in New York, this is the perfect webinar to learn about qualifications, medicall process, legal protections, guidelines and more! Register Here

The Joy of Becoming a Surrogate

“A 1-on-1 carrier interview!” Being a surrogate takes bravery, courage and sacrifice, we’d like to share a 1-on-1 interview with a gestational surrogate as she shares why she became a surrogate and what it was like. What brought you to surrogacy? How did you hear about surrogacy? I first thought about surrogacy when I saw […]

Let’s talk about the surrogacy journey timeline!

A good journey timeline is like a cheat sheet for your journey! Hello Alcea-Fam! We’re off to a new year, and what better time to talk about surrogacy journey timelines! Whether an intended parent or a potential gestational carrier, one of the first things you should ask when researching surrogacy agencies is, “How long is […]

The Consequences of Extreme Heat and Contraception

Not too long ago we talked about how climate change has a large impact on reproductive health, and today we are going to dive a bit deeper on that. Now, even though for a lot of us we are getting ready to enter the fall season, climate change can make certain parts of the country […]

The Protection of Gender Affirming Care in New York

What’s happening? We have discussed the many states that are passing bans or restrictions on abortion or gender-affirming care. While it may seem like a new set of these laws is being passed almost every week, they aren’t the only laws being enacted in response to the rollbacks from the Supreme Court. Conversely, since Roe […]